Our Collection of Best Healthy Lentils (Dal)
Lentils (Dal) are considered a staple food item in most parts of the Sub-Indian continent. These are bean shaped vegetables equipped with enough proteins and other nutritional factors that helps you build a healthy diet. Another advantage of lentils is that it can be stored for a long time, so there is no fear of running out of expiry date.

We offer various types of fresh Dals. We have dal options that are suitable for everyday consumption as well as for special events. Some of our dal offerings are Moshur dal, Dabli dal, Kheshari dal, Mung dal, Booter dak, Kabuli dal and many more.

We also offer packaged dal from Pran, that is Pran Moshur Dal (Deshi) 500 gm. For other cooking essentials checkout our cooking category.

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