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Majority of the rice production comes from Asia and including Bangladesh, it is a staple food for more than half of the global population. For anyone willing to gain weight, rice is a good source of calories. It is also enriched with magnesium, iron, thiamin, etc.

Rice has a very old history; based on some archeological evidences, rice was first domesticated in China. In Indian Subcontinent it was known to be consumed during 5,000BC.

Our rice is collected from top Bangladeshi manufacturers. Some renowned names include Pran, Aarong, Rupchanda, Chashi and few others.

We offer rice for all sorts of events. Types of rice that can be found in our store include Basmati, Chinigura, Minicate, Nazirsail, etc. You might also need cooking essentials, consider looking at our cooking category for ingredients and cookware products.

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Pusti Chinigura Rice 1 kg

৳ 135

PRAN Miniket Rice 5 kg

৳ 360

Rupchanda Nazirshail Rice 5 kg

৳ 420

Rupchanda Chinigura Premium Aromatic Rice 1 kg

৳ 130

Pran Basmati Rice

৳ 300

Erfan Chinigura rice 1kg

৳ 120

Aarong Natural Nazirshail Rice 5kg

৳ 430

Khusboo Premium Nazirshail Rice 5kg

৳ 415

PRAN Nazirsail Rice 5kg

৳ 402

PRAN Minicate Rice 5kg

৳ 370

Aarong Natural Chinigura Rice 2kg

৳ 215

Chashi Aromatic Chinigura Rice 1kg

৳ 130 ৳ 115

PRAN Chinigura Premium Rice

৳ 600

Atop Rice (আতপ চাল)

৳ 55

Miniket Rice (মিনিকেট চাল) 5kg

৳ 310

Basmati Rice (বাসমতি চাল) 1kg

৳ 285

Chinigura Rice (চিনিগুঁড়া চাল) 1kg

৳ 105

Paijam Rice (পাইজাম চাল) 5kg

৳ 260

Katari Bhog Rice (কাটারিভোগ চাল) 5kg

৳ 540

Najirshail Rice (নাজিরশাইল চাল) 5kg

৳ 300