Our collection of Chips & Pritzels

Get the best collection of Bangladeshi and foreign chips & pretzels collection in Chef Cart. Some of the chips we sell are Bombay sweets Mr. Twist, Bombay Sweets potato crackers and chanachur. For foreign option, you can choose different flavors of Pringles that are offered in our store.

We also sell pre-processed French fries and fuchka fryums. Our French fries are collected directly form the genuine vendors. Preparing it is also very simple, it is already cut and seasoned; just dip the raw fries into oil and fry until it gets golden and crispy.

The most common chips that are available in the market are potato-based chips. The recipe of potato chips is known to be originated in the 18th century. Potato chips are very versatile in terms of flavors. Countless different variants of potato chips can be found throughout the world.

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