Our Collection of Best Cleaning Supplies

Safe hygiene requires to do more than just washing hands. Keeping the house clean is also necessary. Maintaining good hygiene becomes compulsory especially if there’s children in the house. Which is why Chef Cart is offering all kinds of necessary cleaning supplies for households.

Our cleaning products include Kitchen Towel, Liquid Handwash, Flower Broom, Bathroom Cleaner, Washing Powder, Toilet Powder, Antiseptic Liquid, Facial Tissue, Dish Scrubber and much more.
Some of the brand names that can be found in our store are Bashundhara, Lifebuoy, Rin, Lizol, ACI Savlon, Surf Excel, VIM, Wheel, etc.

Our products can be found at varying quantities. Such as, Lizol floor cleaner is available at a 500ml package as well as 975ml package.

One of our popular products in this category are handwashes. We offer many variants of handwashes to meet different customer demands. You can see Lifebuoy liquid handwash pump 200ml.

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Ghari Detergent Washing Powder 1kg

৳ 90

Bashundhara Toilet Tissue white

৳ 25

Trix Dishwashing Refill Pack Lemon 250ml

৳ 80

Surf Excel Washing Powder 500g

৳ 120

Lifebuoy hand wash 5L

৳ 1,500

Rin Washing Powder Power Bright Detergent 500g

৳ 90

Garbage Poly roll 35L

৳ 90

Bashundhara Kitchen Towel

৳ 140

Lifebuoy lemon germ protection handwash refill 170ml

৳ 80

Dettol Handwash Cool Liquid Soap Pump 200 ml

৳ 130

Dettol Handwash Gold Liquid Soap Pump 200 ml

৳ 150

Dettol Handwash Original Liquid Soap Pump 200 ml

৳ 125

Lizol Floor Cleaner Citrus Disinfectant Surface 500 ml

৳ 170

Flower Broom (Ful Jharu)

৳ 120

Vixol Bathroom Cleaner Pink (Thai) 450 ml

৳ 170

Vixol Bathroom Cleaner White (Thai) 900 ml

৳ 290

Rin Washing Powder Power Bright

৳ 170

Sweeping broom belcha set

৳ 370

Feather Duster with cover

৳ 180

Dish Wash Scrubber 2pcs pack

৳ 55

Star Dish washing Scrubber 4pcs pack

৳ 60

Feeder & Bottle Cleaner

৳ 75

Super Bright & Clean Smart Dishwasher

৳ 110

Faucet Water Filter

৳ 120

Dishwasher Scrubber 4pcs

৳ 45

Car Duster 6pcs

৳ 120

Instant hand sanitizer Uniflame 100ml

৳ 150

Disposable Plastic Gloves 100pcs

৳ 100

Bashundhara Toilet Paper Gold

৳ 25

Lifebuoy liquid handwash pump 200ml

৳ 120

Lifebuoy Liquid Handwash refill pack mild care 170ml

৳ 80

Lizol Floor Cleaner Floral Disinfectant Surface 975ml

৳ 275

Savlon Anticeptic Disinfectant 500ml Family Size

৳ 125

ACI Savlon Anticeptic Liquid 112ml

৳ 50

ACI Savlon Handwash Ocean Blue 250ml

৳ 90

ACI Savlon Active Handwash 250ml bottle

৳ 90