Our Collection of Best Frozen Foods

Frozen foods are becoming very popular in recent years. And that’s due to it being easily storable and a large quantity can be refrigerated at once for a considerable period of time.

Frozen foods are a perfect solution for busy people looking for nutritious food. Another benefit that frozen foods possesses are that it usually comes already chopped and processed. So, there is no need for wasting additional preparation time during cooking.

Our frozen food collection includes Spread Cheese, Parathas, Shredded Mozzarella Cheese, Vegetable Spring Roll, Chicken Sausage, Vegetable Samosa, and many more.

The names of brands include Aarong, Golden Harvest, Mughal, Seara, etc. These are all fresh and up to date. It you need any cookware or cooking ingredients, consider visiting our cooking category for a broader view.

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Jhatpat Chicken Burger Patty 04pcs

৳ 150

Jhatpat Chicken Meatball 250g

৳ 180

Jhatpat Chicken Mini Samosa 25pcs

৳ 160

Jhatpat Chicken Momo 10pcs

৳ 200

Jhatpat Chicken Nuggets 20pcs

৳ 180

Jhatpat Chicken Strips 250gm

৳ 210

Jhatpat Desi Paratha Family Pack 20pcs

৳ 250

Jhatpat French fry 500g

৳ 130

Jhatpat Pizza 260g

৳ 195

Jhatpat Plain Paratha 20pcs

৳ 300

Jhatpat Vegetable Singara 10pcs

৳ 100

Mughal Pastry Sheet 30 Filo Sheets

৳ 190

Aarong Dairy Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

৳ 220

Golden Harvest Frozen Paratha Family Pack 20 pcs

৳ 250

Beqa Gourmet Slices cheese 12pcs

৳ 250

Pizzarollo Cheese Bar 1kg

৳ 600

Seara Frozen Chicken Franks Sausage 340gm

৳ 130

MUGHAL Vegetable Spring Roll 500gm

৳ 135

Nawar Margarine Sunflower 500gm

৳ 320 ৳ 300

Mozzarella Cheese Bar 250gm

৳ 200 ৳ 160

Mughal Vegetable Samosa 500gm

৳ 125 ৳ 120

Melbourne Sliced Cheese 12pcs 200gm

৳ 250

Golden Harvest Chicken Sausage

Ecofrost French Fries

৳ 260