Our wonderful candies and chocolates offering

Candies and chocolates are a child’s best friend. The more colorful these are, the more children will be drawn towards it.

We have a collection of both renowned and local brands of confectionaries. Our collection includes Snickers, dairy milk, Kitkat, amul dark chocolate, eclairs caramel filled chocolate, nocilla, and a lot more.

Is candy and chocolate the same thing?

These are often used interchangeably but are not the same thing.

Chocolate is produced from cocoa seeds. These are dark in color and naturally not sweet. Sugars and various sweeteners are used to make it taste sweet. Flavors and smell produced from chocolate are natural, while candies are artificially flavored. Candies are generally composed of a significant amount of sugar or sugar substitutes. Additional fruit flavors and colors are added to give them the desired color and taste.

Candies are generally hard and small in shape, whereas chocolate are chewable and often comes in a rectangular bar shape.

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Milkita Chocolate and Strawberry Milk Candy 02packs combo

৳ 300 ৳ 290

Milkita Strawberry Milk Candy 30pcs

৳ 150

Milkita Chocolate Candy 30pcs

৳ 150

Snickers Chocolate 50gm

৳ 55

Snickers Chocolate 18gm

৳ 20

Cadbury Perk 30gm

৳ 15

Sweet Tamarind 450gm

৳ 400

Yupi Gummy Fruit Cocktail Jello Candy 768gm box

৳ 1,296

Yupi Gummy Aquariuam Jello candy 24pcs box 768gm

৳ 1,296

Yupi Gummy Pizza Jello candy 15gm x 12pcs

৳ 360

Yupi Gummy Twin Burger Jello candy 16gm x 12pcs

৳ 360

Yupi Gummy Burger Jello candy 8gm x 8 pcs

৳ 150

Raffaello chocolate 30gm

৳ 135

My Chewy Chocolate candy 100pcs

৳ 435

Marshmallow 02 packs combo

৳ 120

Marshmallow 1 pack

৳ 50

KInder Bueno chocolate

৳ 135

Eterna Premium Wafer Roll Chocolate 350gm

৳ 450

Kamco Loreto Truffles 60pcs

৳ 520

Nut walks Cashewnut 03pcs

৳ 400

Nut walks Cashewnut 35gm

৳ 150

Nut walks pistachio 03pcs

৳ 450 ৳ 405

Nut walks pistachio 35gm

৳ 150

Cherry 02pcs chocolate gift box

৳ 75

Cherry 04pcs chocolate gift box

৳ 100

Choc Coin box

৳ 270

Bakeman Chocolate Chips

৳ 280

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate 60g

৳ 600

Tiffany Crunch & cream chocolate flavored wafer 153g

৳ 184

Tiffany Crunch & cream strawberry flavored wafer 76g

৳ 100

Twinfish Nuts Crisp

৳ 350

Lale Milk Chocolate box 200gm

৳ 280

Lale Milk Assorted chocolate heart shape box 300gm

৳ 420

Evliya Assorted chocolate box 250g

৳ 420

Cherir Chocolate gift box 176gm

৳ 460

Cherir chocolate 110gm

৳ 260