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Why is chef cart the best online grocery shop?

Why chef cart is the best online grocery shop in Bangladesh

As more and more people are getting access to the internet, online grocery shopping is emerging to be one of the most sought-after businesses that companies are flocking into. Compared to a supermarket, online stores have far less maintenance costs and can offer a larger inventory of products that you can choose from.

There are a lot of online stores that you will find in the market. But not all can live up to your expectations. Some offer excellent service and some are just straight up garbage. You need to look for the one that serves your need properly.

In this article we will be talking about Chef Cart on why it’s the best and why you should shop here. Before getting started, lets learn a bit about the company.

About the Company

chefcartChef Cart is a family business currently managed by Sultan Shomrat. His father used to run the company and was wholly a local grocery business. They used to deliver groceries in their local area and was quite popular amongst their customers. That popularity still continues today. Seeing the growth of online businesses, they have decided to completely move towards online platform.

Chef Cart was established in 2017 and it’s based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Sultan Shomrat has been in the food business even before starting Chef Cart. He has many years of experience and has managed to gain a lot of information about the food industry of Bangladesh.

Ensuring Excellent Quality Service

You will find countless online grocery stores promising to provide their customers with the best product and the best service. But most of them fail to keep their words. Customers often face difficulty in either receiving the product or getting outdated and damaged items. Chef Cart doesn’t make any bold promises, we show our reliability by providing excellent service and let our customers decide who is the best service provider. Each product will be first checked by our quality control team to ensure that the product is valid before being delivered to our customers. Once you make an order, the customer service team will contact you and confirm the purchase and then you will receive the product.

We offer same-day-delivery which is a major advantage for shopping using our website. Doesn’t matter how bad the weather is, customers will receive their products on time.

Product Inventory

Our product inventory is huge, we have a listing of over 1000 different types and brands of product in our store. Regarding food items, you will find all of the essential and non-essential food items that include both packaged and raw foods.

We also offer a wide range of cookware and kitchenware in our store. The categories include Baking, Beverages, Home Essentials, Home Cleaning, Fish & Meat, Fruits & Vegetables, Baby Care and much more.
Consider looking at our Baking section, it is one of the our most sold categories. You will find everything starting from cookware that are essential for baking to all the items required to make cakes, chocolates, pastries, cookies, pudding etc.

We are consistently adding more products to our inventory. One of our specialty is providing customers with exported products. You will find a lot of exported items in our online store that are not available in a local supermarket.

Return & Exchange

Customers can choose to return or refund any product they have purchased. They won’t be asked question regarding their decision but some conditions apply for returning. The products need to be intact just as it was received.
After buying any product customers may choose to exchange it with something else. The condition for exchanging is the same as refunding.

Payment Procedure & Customer Service

Chef Cart is well-known for its payment system. We prefer cash on delivery approach. It is very convenient for customers as they can first see their product before making payment. This eliminates the risk of being tricked to purchase damaged products and increases customers trust on our company. Other payment methods that we offer are through Bkash and credit card.

Chef Cart customer service is available 24/7. If you need any information about any product or have any other queries, feel free to contact us, we will reply shortly.


We cater to provide our customers with the best quality service that they can possibly get. As of now, Chef Cart’s service is only available inside Dhaka City. We may expand in more areas in the near future. Online shopping can be a bit of a hassle sometimes, certain companies trick customers into buying fake or damaged products. Some don’t even deliver products. Chef Cart was created to solve such issues. You can stay home, order your desired product and not worry about anything. Your products will be delivered in its most pristine condition.

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