Best Collection of Premium Sugar, Salt & Seasoning

Candies, cookies, pastries, pasta, noodles and whatever you desire to make, we have seasonings for most food items. We offer premium quality sugar, salt and seasoning from both international and local brands. Some of the brands include Radhuni, Canderel, Bakeman, Maggi, Teer, Ajinomoto, etc.

If you are into baking, then we offer a vast array of baking products and bakeware that you can choose from. We also specialize in cooking products; customers can find all essential cooking items in our store.

What is sugar made from?
Sugar comes from sugarcane that is purified, filtered and crystalized. Sugarcanes are first harvested and send to the factory. From there, using various processed, sugarcane is turned into the sugar we know today.

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