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Keep yourself and your family healthy and safe using our collection of personal care products. We offer personal care products for people for all demographics.

Finding genuine products for personal hygiene can be difficult, as there are many sellers offering fake useless products. Addressing such issues are one of our prime focus. We collect all of our products from genuine verified vendors. We offer products from both international and top local brands.

Whether you are having a serious headache or need face whitening cream, we have solution for all types of needs. Some of our products include Pain Relief Cream, Shampoo, Petroleum Jelly, Coconut Oil, Neem Soap, Perfumed Soap, Face Wash, Charcoal Toothpaste, and much more.

We also offer foods for health and nutrition, consider looking into our Health & Nutrition category to see more.

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TRESemme Smooth Keratin Shampoo 450ml

৳ 510

Enchanteur Gorgeous Perfumed Talc Powder

৳ 190

Kool Deo Talc

৳ 55

White Tone Face Powder 50gm

৳ 170

Ponds Dream flower Talcum Powder 200gm

৳ 230

Enchanteur Romantic Perfumed Talc Powder 125gm

৳ 190

Enchanteur Charming Perfumed Talc Powder 125gm

৳ 190

Garnier Men Power White Fairness Moisturiser Cream 20gm

৳ 180

Garnier Sun Control SPF 15 Daily Moisturiser Cream 50ml

৳ 300

Garnier Light Daily Moisturiser Fairness Cream 18gm

৳ 120

Garnier Light Complete Fairness Serum Cream 45gm

৳ 170

Cute Refined Glycerine 60ml

৳ 40

Cute Winter Moisturizing Cream 120gm

৳ 125

Cute 27 Cold Cream 100gm

৳ 90

Cute Lip Gel

৳ 25

Vaseline Lip Therapy Aloe Vera 20gm

৳ 220

Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips 20gm

৳ 200

Vaseline healthy white lotion 200ml

৳ 200

Creme 21 Body Lotion Dry Skin 400ml

৳ 700

Boroplus Perfect Derma Moisturizing Cream

৳ 275

Parachute Skinpure Natural White Lotion 100ml

৳ 97

Nivea Original Care Lip Balm

৳ 225

Nivea Lip Care Cherry Shine

৳ 225

Nivea Soft Creme 100ml

৳ 300

Boroline Antiseptic Ayurvedic Cream

৳ 85

Parachute SkinPure Lotion Natural Moisture

৳ 97

Nivea Body Milk Shea Smooth Moisture Care Lotion

৳ 400

Listerine Original Mouth Wash (Thai)

৳ 525

Colgate Sensitive Toothbrush

৳ 60

Colgate Charcoal Gold 360 Toothbrush

৳ 165

Pepsodent Sensitive Expert Soft Toothbrush

৳ 90

Oral-B Gum Protect Soft Toothbrush

৳ 60

Sensodyne Tooth Brush Family Pack (Buy 2 Get 1 free)

৳ 160

Colgate Max Fresh Red Gel Toothpaste

৳ 140

Colgate Max Fresh Blue Gel Toothpaste

৳ 140

Colgate Active Salt Neem Toothpaste

৳ 150