Our Collection of Flour: Atta, Maida & Suji

Flour is the most essential ingredient for any baked product. Judging its availability and necessity, it is safe to say flours are available in almost every country and in every bakery store.

Whether you want to bake cakes, make parathas or even use in cooking, flours are very versatile in its use. Our offering includes Atta, Maida, and Suji from brands such as Teer, ACI Pure, Bashundhara, etc.

We offer flours in varying quantities to meet all types of customers needs. Prices are also fairly cheap. You can also look at our baking essentials.

What is Suji made of?
Suji is also known as Semolina, which is made from durum wheat. Suji is used to make various types of sweet desserts. It is available in most grocery stored in Bangladesh.

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Teer whole wheat atta 2kg

৳ 115

Teer Maida (তীর ময়দা) 2kg

৳ 140

ACI Pure Brown Atta 2kg

৳ 115

Ifad Atta (ইফাদ আটা) 2kg

৳ 68

Ifad Maida (ইফাদ ময়দা) 2kg

৳ 92

Bashundhara Atta 2kg

৳ 110

Bashundhara Maida 2kg

৳ 120

ACI Pure Maida 1kg

৳ 70

ACI Pure Maida 2kg

৳ 120

ACI Pure Brown Atta 1kg

৳ 60

Ifad Atta (ইফাদ আটা) 1kg

৳ 35

Ifad Maida (ইফাদ ময়দা) 1kg

৳ 48

Fresh Maida (ফ্রেশ ময়দা)

৳ 42৳ 92

Bashundhara Maida 1kg

৳ 48

Bashundhara Atta 1kg

৳ 70

Fresh Atta 2kg

৳ 120

Ifad Suji (ইফাদ সুজি) 500gm

৳ 30

ACI Pure Suji 500gm

৳ 45

Fresh Suji 500gm

৳ 45

Bashundhara Suji 500gm

৳ 45

Teer Maida (তীর ময়দা) 1kg

৳ 45

Arrowroot Barley (বার্লি ) 500gm

৳ 150

Teer Suji 500gm

৳ 45

Teer Whole Wheat Atta 1kg

৳ 60

Teer Atta 2kg

৳ 120