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We are offering the best snack item online. Buy the snacks you need from the largest snack product line at Chef Cart. for your evening meal.
Snacks are the foods that people eat in between the main meal. The items include drinks, cookies, corn chips, potato chips, crisps, pretzels, saltines, popcorn, baked and fried products, meat snacks, and rice-snacks are the common types of snacks that we eat.

Snacks are for immediate consumption eaten between regular meals. Though some snacks are not good for health we have accumulated the best-branded snacks for you. These snacks will improve blood sugar level, prevents dropping of blood sugar. Contains fiber that helps digestion.

Chef Cart is a single platform for all kinds of snacks in the market. Makes it easier for you to buy online and order from home. Get any snacks you need from us. If you want to try numerous amounts of food the visit here.

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Ruchi Bbq Chanachur 150gm

৳ 35

Pran Laccha Semai 200g

৳ 35

ACI Pure Vermicelli 200gm semai

৳ 35

ACI Pure Laccha Semai 200gm

৳ 35

Ruchi Mango Pickle 400gm

৳ 130

Ruchi Mixed fruit jam 480g

৳ 130

Ruchi Mixed Pickle 400gm

৳ 130

Ruchi Olive Pickle 400gm

৳ 130

Ruchi Puffed Rice 250gm

৳ 30

Ruchi Puffed Rice 500g

৳ 58

Ruchi Chalta Pickle 400gm

৳ 130

Ruchi Garlic Pickle 400gm

৳ 220

Ifad Eggy Chicken Instant Noodles

৳ 17

Ifad Eggy instant chicken noodles 8pcs

৳ 130

Ifad Eggy Instant noodles Aachari 8pcs

৳ 130

Ifad Eggy Instant Noodles Chicken 8pcs 260gm

৳ 130

Ifad Eggy Masala Instant Noodles

৳ 17

Ifad eggy noodles 180g

৳ 18

Ifad Eggy Instant Noodles TomYum

৳ 130

Mama Hot & spicy flavor oriental

৳ 142

Mama instant noodles hot spicy flavor

৳ 130

Samyang 2x spicy hot chicken flavor noodles

৳ 600

Samyang Carbo Spicy Chicken Noodles

৳ 600

Samyang Cheese Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen Yellow 5pcs Pack

৳ 700

Bombay Sweets Chanachur Tandoori 300gm

৳ 75

Ruchi Bbq Chanachur 350gm

৳ 70

Ruchi Jhal Chanachur 350gm

৳ 65

Ruchi Premium Mix Chanachur 100gm

৳ 50

Bombay Sweets Chanachur 600gm

৳ 100

Haldiram Soan Papdi Elaichi 200gm

৳ 280

Banoful Laccha Semai 200gm

৳ 35